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About us..

We are a group of independent film productions working to implement not only national feature films and TV- movies �but also larger international co-productions.

For our partners we provide all the important filming necessities �like locations, studio space, equipment, post production services as well as experienced crew and cast.

We are also able to raise national funds from Austrian television stations, film funds and private investors.

Latest news..

Norbert Blecha CEO / Producer

- July 2015: Latest interview with Norbert Blecha about his life as producer. See page 1 and page 2.

- July 2015: Norbert Blecha leads jury of the “Mirabile dictu�festival in Rome. See article here.

-  April 26th, 2015: Documentary “Aus den TrĂĽmmernâ€?will be aired on ORF2, Presentation on April 16th at the Novomatic-Forum

See: Article “Kronen Zeitung�/a> 16/04/15 (PDF)

        Article “Kronen Zeitungâ€?/a> 17/04/15 (PDF)

        Article “Presseâ€?17/04/15 (PDF)


-  Now in Pre-Production: ORF-documentary “Das Geheimnis der Villa Trappâ€?/span>

-  June 2014: Norbert Blecha is president of the “International Catholic Film Festival 2014â€?at the Vatican

-  October 2013: Norbert Blecha has received “Das goldene Ehrenzeichen fĂĽr Verdienste um die Republik Ă–sterreichâ€?/span>

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